Our Offerings

RTO Information

Lookup details of any RTO of India with its RTO code.

IP Lookup

Track your incoming visitor's IP address and its information easily.

Proxy Checker

Detect Proxy/VPN of incoming visitors and prevent your website from frauds.

Train PNR Information

Train PNR Status API provides information about the PNR status of the booked ticket on Indian Railways.

Train Info API

Get the information of the Train from the Train Number.

Live Train Status API

Live Train Status APi provides live train status of Indian trains with its route.

IFSC Code Lookup

IFSC Code API can be used to fetch any bank's information using its IFSC Code.

UPI QR Generator

Generate UPI QR API helps you to generate professional UPI QR Stickers.

Offline Aadhaar e-KYC

Paperless Aadhaar e-KYC API for successful onboarding of your customers.

Aadhaar Validation

Aadhar Validation API uses non OTP method to validate Aadhaar Number of your customers.

PAN Verification

Verify PAN data of your customers easily with automated API.

GST Verification

GSTN Verification API provides basic information of Indian Goods and Service Tax.

Fastag Information

Fastag Information API can be used to fetch Fastag information of any Indian Vehicle using its Registration Number / License plate.

Fuel Price Information

Fuel Price information API provides details of latest fuel price in various cities and states of India. It includes diesel and petrol prices.

Stocks Information

Stock Price API can be used to fetch any NSE/BSE real time Stocks Price data with the company name.

Currency Exchange

Fetch and Convert any Currency to your local currency on your application.

PDF Invoice Generator

Automate the process of Generating PDF Invoice for your clients on your application.

Mobile Operator API

Fetch any Indian Mobile Number Operator details.

All in One Payment Gateway

No need to integrate multiple payment gateways now. We provide a solution to add 18+ payment gateways worldwide to integrate it on your application.

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